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After appearance of graphical user interface (GUI) with Windows OS command-line interface became a bit underestimated. Especially when it comes to increased human-computer interaction that every professional (like software developer, designer,...) experience every day in his workplace benefits that command-line interface bring are evident even at very first start.
One of big advantage of GUI in comparing to earlier command-line interfaces such as in DOS it that user does not need to remember command in order to use it but just need to know where it is. GUI brought ability to easily BROWSE one from many available commands. This means that user must LOCATE his command. When doing highly repetitive tasks GUI takes advantage of users movement and visual coordination skills by almost totally excluding another human ability - memory.
Most of currently popular GUI OSs lack fully integrated tool that gives command-line interface to user. But fortunately, there are a few separate tools on the market that allow this kind of interaction. One of them that separates itself in front of others is ENSO.
ENSO is free open-source command-line interface software that support most of currently popular OSs. It differ from other similar software in a way that its every functionality is result of more thorough scientific research and discussion regarding human-computer interaction. It seems like one of main golden rules was 'keep it simple'.
All ENSOs commands are accessible through holding down 'Caps Lock' key and typing any letters that command name contains after which matched commands appear on screen and can be fired by releasing 'Caps Lock' key. It is something like OS wide commands with autocompleete functionality.
Simplest use example is google search: When browsing, if user want to do google search on some text that appeared in browser all that he has do is to select that text with mouse, press 'Caps Lock' key with one hand, type 'goo' with other hand, and release key -it takes second.
There are many commands: launching any program from start menu, doing many internet searches, spell-checking, manipulating windows,...

This is introduction video that was hosted on site of publisher:

UPDATE: Original software and links below are no longer available. Check out free .Net open source alternative that I wrote: ENSO+

I recommend download and installation of all ENSO components:

For detailed information visit their website:

Although creators of ENSO project moved to another 'in-browser' project called Firefox Ubiquity community continued to work on it. About that and other latest ENSO related topics visit:
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