Selfish BuildingBlocks? Check out video. 07/03/2017 23:42
In added video I explain my BuildingBlocks solution. Go here.
F4CIOs Answering System - Master project is done! 26/09/2012 17:15
Finally I presented my final (master) project at faculty. The work itself was interesting experience. If you are tech savvy kind of a person you can read whole theoretical background. If you are not, you can just try how it works in practice.
F4CIOs Answering System
Collision Avoider - fuzzy logic demo 16/12/2011 20:03

As part of one project at faculty I have made this application to demonstrate the power of Fuzzy logic. Thanks to the "Fuzzy Logic Library for Microsoft .Net" i was able to finish this demo in one night!

More about library itself at:

To download demo and/or source code go to this page.


How to swap Y and Z keys programmatically? 20/02/2011 15:54

Making errors too often when using Y and Z keys?

If so, change their positions programmatically in windows.

  • Easy way to get that done is by using SharpKeys application BUT it does not allows you to program keys selectively depending on chosen keyboard layout. 
  • More advanced way is to use Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator application. If you are running Windows 7, after you download its setup file, make sure to run it in Windows Vista compatibility mode. And don't forget to redefine keys for cases with Shift, CapsLock, Alt, and/or Ctrl pressed.

I have physical keyboard with Y\Z (Z key positioned above Y key) (Serbian edition) and that makes no problems as far as I use just one keyboard layout in windows (Serbian-latin). But, I switch to US keyboard layout on regular basis and it expects Z\Y (Z key to be below Y) so it was very irritating to give attention to these details every time I use these keys.
My solution was:

  1. I concluded that I want to learn and get use to US keyboard layout since it is more common. Buying new US keyboard was not an option since it was notebook.
  2. I physically swapped keys so that Y end up above Z (Z\Y, as for US).
  3. In windows, for keyboard layout that expects different, Y\Z, swap keys programmatically. This can be done with Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator mentioned above.
    If you are using Serbian-Latin layout, like me, don't bother to learn that application. Just install my Serbian-Latin layout with YZ keys swapped.

I you have physical keyboard with Y\Z (serbian or another non-US) and you want to train your self, and use Y\Z AND you are using US-International layout just install my US-International layout with YZ keys swapped.

After installing any of above don't forget to change layout in Windows to newly installed. Provided layout setups are tested on Windows 7 and XP, 32bit, but should work on any other Windows platform including 64bit.

More commands and less bugs in ENSO+ 12/10/2010 22:04

Since creation of ENSO+ video several new commands were added. Also support for windows 7 and for 64bit environment is added. These are some of new commands:

Simply select one text and mark it as first operand with command "comparer item 1" and on another text selection run one of the "compare ..." commands to see if they are same or different. If you mark files they can be compared bit by bit.

"fopen", "iopen", "copen"
Quickly open any URL (from screen or that was memorized earlier) in firefox, internet explorer or chrome browser.

Mark one folder as material for 7zip (command "set as backup source folder"), mark another folder as destination location (command "set as backup destination folder") and, later, at any time, you can quickly compress first folder into 7zip archive in second folder. Two folders are linked with profile name that you specify when defining them.

"copy file content as text"
Select file in file browser and use this command on it to copy all its text content to clipboard without event opening it.

"open in notepad"
Simply shows selected text in notepad.

"preview in chrome","preview in firefox","preview in ie"
Shows any selected HTML as web page in browser.

"drop [GUID]"
Quickly add new GUID at cursor.

Gives you ability to save previously added workitem into file. Also, If you copy text or image (with CTRL+PrintScreen) to clipboard you can run this command and select [clipboard text] or  [clipboard image] work item to save clipboard content into file.

Just to remind you - you can always check all available commands by using command "commands list".

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