On this web site you can find a few things about me and what I do.
Below are some of my small projects I was working on in my spare time. For professional projects I was on during work hours please go to Resume section.


Selfish BuildingBlocks

In a video below I present my BuildingBlocks solution that I use in .Net development.

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Main goals:

1. Share only necessary subset of methods from BuildingBlocks
2. Open source those methods
3. BuildingBlocks must feel as part of solution where used
4. Ability to transparently improve (enrich, bug-fix,..) BuildingBlocks over time (edit it directly FROM WITHIN solution where it is used)
5. One-click update with those improvements in whichever other solution used
6. Team work

Photo Album
Ultra simple 2 pages web site that lists all photos from specified folder. Mobile friendly.


Tired of paying attention not to commit your developer-specific or machine-specific setting into source control? This NuGet allows you to solve this elegantly in Visual Studio .net project for your team.

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In a video below I present my quick way (one move) for making web.config (or app.config) appSettings "type safe" in Visual Studio project.

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Minimal setup and usage:

  1. Include .tt file in a root of your Visual Studio project
  2. Build your project
  3. Access your appSettings while coding by typing: AppSettingsProxy_ Generated.Instance. ...


This is a tool for backup and/or build automation on Windows.

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In essence it orchestrates 'copy', 'delete' and 'run' commands in azure environment and adds support for timestamps as wildcards. It is a wrapper for AzCopy.exe that adds batch functionality. It can also be used for bulk copy/delete of items on a local disks and can also execute other tools. I wrote it in .net.

What makes it different?

  • Can send email on error or success
  • Allows you to define timestamp placeholder anywhere in destination path
    (for example C:\MyBackups\[T])
  • Can delete backups older than X days based on those timestamps
  • Suitable for calling from Windows Scheduler
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