On this web site you can find a few things about me and what I do.
Below are some of my small projects I was working on in my spare time. For professional projects I was on during work hours please see my resume.


Selfish BuildingBlocks

In a video below I present my BuildingBlocks solution that I use in .Net development.

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Main goals:

1. Share only necessary subset of methods from BuildingBlocks
2. Open source those methods
3. BuildingBlocks must feel as part of solution where used
4. Ability to transparently improve (enrich, bug-fix,..) BuildingBlocks over time (edit it directly FROM WITHIN solution where it is used)
5. One-click update with those improvements in whichever other solution used
6. Team work.

Config Overwritter

Tired of paying attention not to commit your developer-specific or machine-specific setting into source control? This NuGet allows you to solve this elegantly in Visual Studio .net project for your team.

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In a video below I present my quick way (one move) for making web.config (or app.config) appSettings "type safe" in Visual Studio project.

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Minimal setup and usage:

  1. Include .tt file in a root of your Visual Studio project
  2. Build your project
  3. Access your appSettings while coding by typing: AppSettingsProxy_ Generated.Instance. ...
AzCopy Batch


This is a tool for backup and/or build automation on Windows.

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In essence it orchestrates 'copy', 'delete' and 'run' commands in azure environment and adds support for timestamps as wildcards. It is a wrapper for AzCopy.exe that adds batch functionality. It can also be used for bulk copy/delete of items on a local disks and can also execute other tools. I wrote it in .net.

What makes it different?

  • Can send email on error or success
  • Allows you to define timestamp placeholder anywhere in destination path
    (for example C:\MyBackups\[T])
  • Can delete backups older than X days based on those timestamps
  • Suitable for calling from Windows Scheduler
Virus Scanner
This is free anti-virus anti-spam application written in .Net. It takes EML e-mail file and detects virus or spam. It returns 1 in case of virus/spam, 0 if file is clean and -1 if error occurred. Well ok, this is too optimistic description. This tool parses EML mail file and attachments and by using heuristics and specification in .ini file it tries to detect virus and/or spam. In a way it is an email filter with rules written in C#.

Resumable downloader for Azure Blob

This is a resumable downloader for Azure Blob.

WAD - Website / Web Application Deployment Tool
This is a custom free web site (web application) deployment tool that will zip, upload, backup old and extract new version of site to remote web server.

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  • Upload  possible via UNC (shared folders), FTP/SFTP or HTTP upload (contact me to send you code for last if not included)
  • Zip compression during upload
  • No install necessary at production server (for upload via shared folders)
  • Automatic website backup before publish
  • Automatic rollback in case of any error
  • Live log monitoring during execution on client side
  • Command line support (can be integrated into Visual Studio publish event or any batch-like execution)
Periodic Website Health Checker / Pinger
This tool periodically visits URL/HealthStatus.aspx page on remote server. Then it parses text string returned by remote server and if any error occurred or text string is not as expected e-mail alert is sent.

Resx Synchronizer
This is a free utility that can synchronize your .Net Resx (localization resources) files. Those files are part of Visual Studio project and they hold language specific literals usually used by UI of your application. If you have to maintain two sets of those files (for example one at production and one at development environment or at people who are doing translation) this tool can help you sync items.

Resx Preparer
This free tool copies missing items between default .resx file and its localized pairs (like .en-us.resx) insuring that you have same text string items in all language variants.

SVN Relocate Batch GUI
This free utility can help you change SVN server domain in multiple projects at once. It wraps and calls in loop this command: svn.exe relocate {new url}

Time Logger
This is one of my early tools. I wanted to give indication to my team leader whether I am spending time on assigned tasks or on learning (idle time). :) I wrote this client server tool that appears as tray icon to both of us where I was able to toggle state by clicking on icon and where he was able to see different icon for each state and to auto-sum my hours. Communication is done via WCF services and his side was able to be installed via click-once setup (see Published sub-folder). I imagine you could use this code to start something similar and then extend.

This is a clipboard manager utility. It has 20k lines of code. I think its UI is better than what is used in other similar tools. I would like to hear your opinion! Contact me and I can show it to you.

Technology used: WinForms, WinAPI / Win32, SQLite
System requirements: Any Windows OS with .Net Framework
Collision Avoider

As part of one project at faculty I have made this application to demonstrate the power of Fuzzy logic. Thanks to the "Fuzzy Logic Library for Microsoft .Net" i was able to finish this demo in one night!

More about library itself at: fuzzynet.sourceforge.net/


Creating Data Warehouse
U ovom tekstu je dat jedan primer izrade datawarehouse-a, upita i izveštaja.
Cilje je kreirati kocku metodom „zvezde“ koja je prikazana na slici 6.
Slika 6. Shema kocke Naru??ivanje
Tako??e, cilj je uraditi kocku i metodom „pahulje“ koja je prikazana na slici 7.
Slika 7. Shema kocke Naru??ivanjeSnowflake
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