What is F4CIO for God's sake!?

F4CIO is variation on latin word 'facio' which means 'cause'. It is a reference to my biggest philosophical question: "Why does this all exist?" That is: It would be most logical that there is nothing in the universe, and that even universe doesn't exist. If you have answer to this question please send it to me on...well... f4cio@f4cio.com ;)

My interests

Everything under the subject - "Superiority of the man of tomorrow in comparing to a man of today". I guess that includes some branch of anthropology. That is related to my second passion - "relationship between a man and a nature around him". And so we came to the my third interest which is also my call and my profession - "a technology " or more specific "information technology". You can find a pretty good material on this subject at www.netfuture.org .