This free tool copies missing items between default .resx file and its localized pairs (like .en-us.resx) insuring that you have same text string items in all language variants.

If you need to synchronize resx files between production and development environment or files that you received from your translators, which is actually synchronizing items between files that have exactly same names (for example MyMessages.US.resx and MyMessages.ES.resx) use another utility that I wrote - Resx Synchronizer.

Resx files are part of Visual Studio project and they hold language specific literals usually used by UI of your application and are usually located in App_GlobalResources subfolder.

You can make this tool run on each project build in Visual Studio by using pre-build event of project where your .resx files are. Copy CraftSynth.ResxPreparer.exe to root of your project and call it in pre-build event. Pre-build event should look something like below line. Just make sure that the line have just one space character which should be after exe part.
$(ProjectDir) CraftSynth.ResxPreparer.exe "$(ProjectDir) App_GlobalResources"


This product is free. It is under MIT license.


You can download source code from my GitHub page. Feel free to contribute there by committing your improvements for this project.


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