This is a custom free web site (web application) deployment tool that will zip, upload, backup old and extract new version of site to remote web server.

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  • Upload  possible via UNC (shared folders), FTP/SFTP or HTTP upload (contact me to send you code for last if not included)
  • Zip compression during upload
  • No install necessary at production server (for upload via shared folders)
  • Automatic website backup before publish
  • Automatic rollback in case of any error
  • Live log monitoring during execution on client side
  • Command line support (can be integrated into Visual Studio publish event or any batch-like execution)

Technical steps in detail

To be precise this tool will load configuration from .ini file, consider options that user selected on UI and:

  1. Pack all folders and files form LocalFolderOfPreparedSite except ones in ItemsInLocalFolderOfPreparedSiteNotToDeploy to
  2. Upload to UncPathToRootOfSiteOnServer (or, if you use ftp, to UploadFolderAsFtpUrl)
    Upload Wad_NextSiteVersion.ini (which is a stripped down version of wad.ini with no passwords) also
    Upload Wad.exe also
    Upload Wad.aspx also
  3. Uploaded Wad.exe will be activated (if you use ftp: using WadAshxUrl this tool will ping Wad.ashx page which will then start Wad.exe)
  4. This tool will be returning Wad.log content every 5 seconds and also link to UrlToTest

    Wad.exe on server will:
  5. Move all desired folders and files from root of website on server to folder BackupLocationOnServerAsPath except ones in ItemsOfSiteOnServerNotToMoveToBackup
  6. Copy folders and files indicated in ItemsOfSiteOnServerToCopyToBackup from root of site to folder BackupLocationOnServerAsPath
  7. Extract
  8. Once local wad.exe receive success log content it will open UrlToTest in browser and close itself.

Minimum System Requirements

Developer's Machine:
  • .Net Framework 2.0
Production Server Machine:
  • Windows Server 2003 (or newer)
  • .Net Framework 2.0
  • IIS (Internet Information Services) version 6 or newer
  • IIS 6 Management Compatibility (for IIS versions after 7)


This product is free. It is under MIT license.


Other Projects

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