This is free utility that can find duplicate files on your disk and if you decide so it can delete multiple files at once.


  • Three stages of file comparison to insure best speed while detecting duplicates:
  1. File size comparison
  2. 3-byte comparison
  3. Full file or incremental comparison on big files (files are compared only to the point where they start to differ)  
  • Parallel execution (utilizes all your CPU cores while detecting duplicates)
  • Auto-selection of non-first duplicates in group so you can delete them all in bulk and leave single file per group (manual selection is available too)
  • File type and file size filter
  • Export to Html, Excel or CSV
  • Completely free

Need something else? Suggest / vote for new feature (or report bug) in comments down below and I will try to add it especially if several people need the same.

Minimum System Requirements

  • .Net Framework 4 or higher
    It will be automatically installed if it is not already present on your system. If you have any problems during this installation try installing it manually from here.
  • Windows XP or higher


License Summary:

  • Free for personal use
  • License does not expire
  • Can be distributed
  • Non-commercial use only

For full license details go here.


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