This is one of my early tools. I wanted to give indication to my team leader whether I am spending time on assigned tasks or on learning (idle time). :) I wrote this client server tool that appears as tray icon to both of us where I was able to toggle state by clicking on icon and where he was able to see different icon for each state and to auto-sum my hours. Communication is done via WCF services and his side was able to be installed via click-once setup (see Published sub-folder). I imagine you could use this code to start something similar and then extend.

State switching moments are preserved in file in this format:
30.10.2010 13:47:50=True
30.10.2010 13:48:04=False
30.10.2010 13:48:15=True
30.10.2010 13:48:21=False


This product is free. It is under MIT license.


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