This is a tool for backup and/or build automation on Windows.

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In essence it orchestrates 'copy', 'delete' and 'run' commands in azure environment and adds support for timestamps as wildcards. It is a wrapper for AzCopy.exe that adds batch functionality. It can also be used for bulk copy/delete of items on a local disks and can also execute other tools. I wrote it in .net.

What makes it different?

  • Can send email on error or success
  • Allows you to define timestamp placeholder anywhere in destination path
    (for example C:\MyBackups\[T])
  • Can delete backups older than X days based on those timestamps
  • Suitable for calling from Windows Scheduler


This is additional GUI tool that allows non-technical person to revert backup made by AzCopyBatch.

To use it just follow numbered steps. In step one it allows you to pick specific operation (specified in AzCopyBatch.ini) and then it populates remaining fields. If you used timestamp [T] to create backups in step 3. you can choose the date of backup that you want to revert.


You can download source code from my GitHub page. Feel free to contribute there by committing your improvements for this project.


This product is free. It is under MIT license.


Other Projects

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