Tired of paying attention not to commit your developer-specific or machine-specific setting into source control? This NuGet allows you to solve this elegantly in Visual Studio .net project for your team.

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Solution basics:

  • On NuGet install it will add Web.config.base and Web.config.localparts files
  • On pre-build it will "inject" tags from .localparts into .base and dump to Web.config
  • It will take care of "which modification is the latest"
  • You keep just Web.config.base at your source control and share it with other developers who have their own .localparts
  • Same works for app.config (or any other xml file)


This product is free. It is under MIT license.


You can install this product as NuGet from within Visual Studio or find it on my NuGet profile page.


You can download source code from my GitHub page. Feel free to contribute there by committing your improvements for this project.


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