This is a windows desktop tool that satisfied some of my needs back in 2007. It was developed under MS Visual Studio 2005 in C# language.

Main Futures

  • This program displays notes on desktop.
  • This program stores notes in TXT files.
  • TXT file name = content of the note (so you can easily locate it in folder).
  • Notes can be edited using this program, Notepad or any other text editor.
  • Notes are stored on hard disc drive and optionally are mirrored on removable storage (USB KEY for example).
  • You can carry your notes with you on USB KEY. You can freely change files on USB KEY at other computer. Every changes you make will be updated as soon as you bring them to main computer (with this program installed) and run Synchronize option. Program always keeps newer version of note.
  • You can copy any other TXT file to folder with notes and it will be registered when you run Synchronize option.
  • You can manualy delete TXT file of the note and the note will be removed within program too when you run Synchronize option.
  • Notes can be deleted/moved/copied to Archive folder for later use.
  • Notes can be printed

System Rquirements

-Windows 2000 or later
-.NET Framework 2.0 or higher


This product is free. It is under MIT license.


Other Projects

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