Final Project at Faculty (Master)

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Frequently Asked Questions technique (FAQ) is technique commonly used today to answer large number of user queries which are in natural language form and where many of them should result with same answer. In this work I utilized the fact that those queries can be grouped (clustered) by their answers in order to achieve better performance in terms of precision and recall when searching for answers during new query. While moving through user interface users actually give feedback to clustering algorithm making it semi-automatic. At the end I compared performance of system in different modes: read-only mode (classical searchable FAQ), non-clustering mode (answer is added to each question if similar is already answered, no grouping), clustering mode.

Results showed that system based on proposed clustering and implicit users evaluation, can, if answer already exist, answer to 84% of users questions by giving them 4 results and can, again, if answer already exist, answer to 30% of questions by giving them single correct answer.
Final Project at Faculty
This is theoretical half of my final project at faculty on subject "Designing Distributed Information System with Concurrency Access on Example of Advertisment Management" (IN SERBIAN)


Duplicate Files Finder / Deleter


  • Three stages of file comparison to insure best speed while detecting duplicates:
  1. File size comparison
  2. 3-byte comparison
  3. Full file or incremental comparison on big files (files are compared only to the point where they start to differ)  
  • Parallel execution (utilizes all your CPU cores while detecting duplicates)
  • Auto-selection of non-first duplicates in group so you can delete them all in bulk and leave single file per group (manual selection is available too)
  • File type and file size filter
  • Export to Html, Excel or CSV
  • Completely free
Photo Album
Ultra simple 2 pages web site that lists all photos from specified folder. Mobile friendly.

Image Editor Control For .Net WinForms

This is free Paint-like windows image editor/annotation tool suitable for integration into .Net projects as control.

The purpose of this small application is to turn off, put in hibernation, put in stand by or reset your computer after (or at the) specified time. It is a few years old so maybe you will have to experiment with its Settings/Force option to make it work for you.


In my post called 'ENSO' I described one tool that speeds up human-computer interaction enormously. Initially I wrote this software as extension for it in order to add it some new functionalities but after original authors quit their development I made the extension a stand alone application. It is now a .Net open source alternative to Enso launcher.

Memory Game

This is a simple find-pair game (6x6 or 8x8). BUT, it contains one novelty... Don't miss to look under Help/About after you have finished your first game.
Personal Budget

This application helps you in planning budget and tracking down incomes and expenses of small scale by visualizing supply and demands and by doing simple math instead of you.

Periodic Url Pinger
This free tool runs in background and periodically calls (pings) URL. Log file and LastResponse.htm are being written. Initially I wrote this tool to periodically ping DNS server and inform it about my new dynamic IP (DNS client) but it can be used to keep awake your website or to periodically trigger some operation.

Torrents Renamer


This tool removes junk from files downloaded with torrents. Semi-automatically it renames and deletes files from your download folder making it clean and readable. You can place it in your folder and run it from there.




Desktop calendar in its simplest form.

F4CIOs Notes

This is a windows desktop tool that satisfied some of my needs back in 2007. It was developed under MS Visual Studio 2005 in C# language.

Main Futures

  • This program displays notes on desktop.
  • This program stores notes in TXT files.
  • TXT file name = content of the note (so you can easily locate it in folder).
  • Notes can be edited using this program, Notepad or any other text editor.
  • Notes are stored on hard disc drive and optionally are mirrored on removable storage (USB KEY for example).
  • You can carry your notes with you on USB KEY. You can freely change files on USB KEY at other computer. Every changes you make will be updated as soon as you bring them to main computer (with this program installed) and run Synchronize option. Program always keeps newer version of note.
  • You can copy any other TXT file to folder with notes and it will be registered when you run Synchronize option.
  • You can manualy delete TXT file of the note and the note will be removed within program too when you run Synchronize option.
  • Notes can be deleted/moved/copied to Archive folder for later use.
  • Notes can be printed

This is one of my early projects. This application shows animated analog clock in system tray and it tells time by voice (in Serbian language but you can replace its .WAVE files with your own recorded voice). And guess whose voice it reproduces now! Yes, MINE. ...My sister found it distasteful.
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