In a video below I present my BuildingBlocks solution that I use in .Net development.

(use gear icon in video to switch to HD resolution)

Main goals:

1. Share only necessary subset of methods from BuildingBlocks
2. Open source those methods
3. BuildingBlocks must feel as part of solution where used
4. Ability to transparently improve (enrich, bug-fix,..) BuildingBlocks over time (edit it directly FROM WITHIN solution where it is used)
5. One-click update with those improvements in whichever other solution used
6. Team work.


Source code at GitHub (recommended, feel free to contribute):

Source code as zip:


You can download source code from my GitHub page. Feel free to contribute there by committing your improvements for this project.


This product is free. It is under MIT license.

Other Projects

See my other projects.


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